June 19, 2019 3 min read

Big Crocodile Clothing has come a long way since Pam first set it up.
From being mostly about handmade bobble-hats, through the creation of a gazillion designs of sports t-shirt, it’s turned into an event-touring, sportswear supplying, pop up shop-slash-bustling webshop with lots of lovely customers… hurrah! Pam has learnt a lot about ‘business’ along the way. She can talk profit and loss (sort of), negotiate deals with suppliers (watch out, Alan Sugar) and fold and bag a Big Crocodile t.shirt in under 2.3 seconds… but she’s the first to admit that what goes on behind the scenes is what makes all the difference - and that’s a lot of advice, support, help lugging of boxes and provision of motivational cups of tea from some very excellent friends.

Big Crocodile clothing photoshoot

From working in the Big Crocodile office, to striking a pose at a Big Crocodile photoshoot - Pam’ll be there making things happen, but it’s the Big Crocodile behind-the-scenes team who are always on hand in the wings.

Big Crocodile cycling t shirt

Mr Pam (aka Jeff) is the sports loving, super practical, have-a-go-handyman who constructed the Big Crocodile HQ with his bare hands (and some power tools). He is often chief of logistics when it comes to events and if not, he’s head of children’s entertainment back at home. A little bit camera shy, Jeff isn’t an official model, but he’s been the subject of some fantastic in-action sports shots plus he’s a walking billboard for Big Crocodile because he’s hardly ever seen without one of our super cosy fleece lined hoodies on.

Whilst on the subject of the Big Crocodile HQ, if you stepped inside, as well as office equipment, garment samples and a snazzy Big Crocodile sticker collage, you’d also find Big Crocodile’s Creative & Social media guru - Lucy (more than likely wearing BC joggers and a vest top that shows off her awesome tattoos). Not only does Lucy come up with a lot of our Facebook and Instagram content and keep on top of all things website related, she is chief-in-charge of production for our exciting new clothing and merchandising print division - Box Print & Design. Lucy can create brilliant t.shirt designs from your logos or graphics, kit your team out with branded leggings or sweatshirts and provide a selection of snazzy printed mugs for your company - or your kitchen. Find out more here.

Big Crocodile Clothing HQ

Waving the Big Crocodile flag from within the sports industry are the phenomenal local athletes that we’re ‘Proud to Support’.
They wow us all with their incredible sporting prowess - and we make sure they have clothes to work out in (now that’s what you call collaboration). Kickboxer Henry Searle loves his special Big Crocodile super tight fitting fight shorts, Swimmer Elizabeth Foster rocks our t.shirts and Crossfit champ Kelly Friel was the inspiration behind one of our very first ready-to-wear knitted hat designs (it’s called the Kelly of course!)

Big Crocodile Kelly Friel

Big Crocodile models in sportswear

Always prepared to brave chill wind, heavy showers and the risk of being captured pulling unflattering funny faces, are our Big Crocodile models. Integral to the successful running of our little sports clothing business these beautiful peeps (inside and out) smile, point, pirouette and flash their best Blue Steel at Pam’s camera so she has a wealth of excellent photos to feature on the Big Crocodile website, events posters and more (including some very snazzy personalised printed mugs).

Big Crocodile Leisure wear photo

It’s fair to say that Big Crocodile photo sessions are actually pretty fun… Plenty of laughter (mostly at Harry when he’s trying to strike a ‘moody’ pose), lots of cake breaks and a bunch of good friends catching up on the latest news. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon once in a while. Take a look at our model rogues gallery here.

There are plenty more unsung heroes who have helped to build Big Crocodile so far. For everything from loading and unloading kit and helping out at events, to coming up with great design ideas and trialling our gear Pam will be eternally grateful - so thanks you lot.
So there’s the whistle-stop tour of the behind-the-scenes team. Make sure you pop along to meet us when we’re on the road, or follow us on Instagram to hear about our HQ open days.

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