January 04, 2019 3 min read

As we’ve mentioned before, Big Crocodile’s head honcho Pam isn’t shy of taking up a challenge.

She’s smashed Tribal Clash, strutted her stuff at various Tough Mudders, is the proud owner of a second degree black belt in kickboxing and can knit a fluffy bobble hat in next to no-time . A lover of all things fun and uplifting, Pam is rarely seen without a smile on her face and a spring in her step. 

One of the things however which did knock the smile off Pam’s face was the news that her lovely friend Ellie has breast cancer. 

Diagnosed last year, it’s a particularly aggressive form of the disease and Ellie has been undergoing lengthy and difficult treatments since then, but (like so many others faced with cancer) she has been an inspiration throughout. Taking the news in her stride, focussing on the positives, battling each day as it comes, remaining incredibly upbeat and strong, Ellie has fought the the onslaught without letting it crush her spirit. Always thinking of others, she channels any spare energy into raising money for her favourite (and currently very relevant) charity: The Osbourne Trust …and Pam is the first to admit that she’s in awe.

Finding ways to help in a situation like this can be tricky.

You want to be able to make your friend feel better, stop the spread, help discover a cure…  but frustratingly - that’s not easy. With her friend Ellie coping with a thoroughly horrible situation, Pam initially found it difficult to find the right words or offer anything useful beyond a big hug… the situation made her feel helpless. But as she reflected on the way Ellie was coping - the fact dawned that it’s often the simple tangible things that can provide the biggest boosts, and empower those affected by cancer to feel they are in fact achieving something positive. Raising money for The Osbourne Trust is something Pam can do to support Ellie …so that’s how she’s planning to do her bit.

In addition to being a sporty type herself Pam has a network of fitness fanatical friends - so for her a sporting challenge is the perfect solution. With the brilliantly equipped Cross Fit Iron Duke gym at her fingertips (it’s owned by long term friends of Big Croc, Kerry and Toby) a range of charity funding choices were on the table. Once ‘sponsored burpees’ and ‘how many hats can you knit in 48 hours whilst lying on a weight bench’ had been rejected - it was the marathon row that appealed to Pam the most.

So on January 19th,  2019 at 11am sharp, Pam will be rowing a solid 42000km on a rowing machine  - and raising money for The Osborne Trust whilst she’s at it.

The fundraising target is £2500 so she can do with all the help she can get to smash it.

As well as Pam’s own trusty rowing machine (which has already had a lot of miles clocked up on it during her training regime) there will also be a fleet of other rowing machines set up for friends who have pledged their support and who fancy flexing their pecs to help Pam raise a few quid.

Lots of fabulous people have booked themselves 15 minutes slots on the 19th Jan to join Pam as she rows like mad to achieve her 26 mile goal. They’ll each donate £25 to take part which will go straight into the fundraising pot (and they have the opportunity to wear a snazzy limited edition Big Crocodile, rowing croc t.shirt specially for the occasion).

Pam’s already preparing an awesome music playlist (which will be played loud) to accompany the marathon attempt and there’ll be tea and cake to re-energise everyone afterwards too. 

If you’d like to make a charity donation to support Pam’s epic Marathon Row that would be FANTASTIC!

There’s a Just Giving page here. You could also show your support by ordering yourself a snazzy Rowing Croc t.shirt, from which sale profits will go to Ellie’s cause. You can do that by getting in touch here.

Big Crocodile Marathon Row t.shirt

Pam has already had tons of support from family and friends who have joined her on training rows, helped her out with her practice schedule and made donations to her Just Giving page. For that she is massively grateful and she’s already looking forward to taking part in what’s promising to be a challenging but fabulous charity event.

We’ll keep you posted on how it all goes in the run up and on the 19th - and thanks a million in advance for any support you can give - it’ll all help to ensure we keep Pam (and Ellie) smiling all the way to the finish line.

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