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April 27, 2017 3 min read

As we’ve mentioned in passing before, the Big Crocodile clothing concept began in the gym - mainly because that’s the very place where Big Croc boss Pam likes to spend any spare time she can find. Crossfit is Pam’s sport of choice (and one of Big Crocodile’s favourites) and it is on the Crossfit circuit that Pam first came across the awe-inspiring fitness competition that is ‘Scale the Heights’. 


The idea of a congregation of super fit, super muscular, buffed up beefcakes blasting through a series of  hard core Crossfit inspired challenges could, on the surface, be a little intimidating (particularly to the puny) but in actual fact ‘Scale the Heights’ prides itself on running inclusive, accessible and approachable events that include junior classes and a focus on male/female equality throughout. All the events are accompanied by banging tunes and an atmosphere that’s more like a party than a workout so even the most committed couch potato could potentially see the appeal.


The Scale the Heights National competition sees sporty types who feel the need to challenge their bodies, focus on their fitness or (let’s face it) show off a bit, being put through their paces in  a variety of weighted workouts. There are two classes - Mainstream and Masters and in each case contenders  have to make it through the online qualifiers, smash the regional semifinals in Leeds or Reading and then take the top spot in the final showdown - simple.

This year's competition is open to everyone in principle (but all competitors have to be able to manage the wide range of standards listed on the ‘Scale the Heights’ website which are pretty challenging in themselves). The really great thing is that there are a ton of wildcard places available in addition to the top-spots, so even those who don’t make the leader boards are still in with a good change of being selected for the next rounds. That makes it all even more exciting.


The ‘Street Warriors’ theme will be oozing with urban style and the competition climaxes with a street battle style final at the awesome Rush Skate Park (one of Europe’s biggest extreme sports venues). It’s going to be the final ‘Scale the Heights’ event as we know it so it promises to be more awesome than ever before.

The first qualifier for the mainstream comp (Scrap Heap Metal) will be online on Monday 1st May, with the  semi finals happening in June. Registration to take part is still open (just) so why not consider it? Alternatively you can join in the ‘Scale the Heights’ fun by heading as a spectator to the live semi’s or final and spurring your favourite Street Warrior on. Tickets and more info are available via

Big Crocodile clothing will be on sale at this year's event too.

Big Croc founder Pam is a bit of a ‘Scale the Heights’ veteran (having taken part in the mainstream comp over the last two years) and this year she’s venturing into a masters comp.  As by her own admission it’s fairly unlikely she’ll be squatting, burping (or should that be burpee-ing?) and lunging for her life in the finals, Pam’s doing the next best thing and manning a Big Crocodile Clothing stand at all of the ‘Scale the Heights’ events - we’re super excited. 

She’ll be taking Weightlifter Croc, Crossfit Croc, Boxing Croc and plenty of co-ordinating Big Crocodile leggings, hoodies and jogging bottoms - so there’ll be no excuse for any of the competitors to be anything other than fully (and stylishly) kitted out. If you’re heading to the events, be sure to pop over and say hi.  If it turns out that Pam gets a wildcard, smashes the competition and grabs the top spot, there could even be the chance of bagging a discount (though we’re not holding our breath).

We think ‘Scale the Heights’ is pretty unmissable if Crossfit’s your thing.

Pop over to their website to find out a little bit more and maybe we’ll see you on the circuit soon - we’ll be the ones in the Big Crocodile t-shirts.

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