March 23, 2018 4 min read

At Big Crocodile we have a love\hate relationship with cycling.

Mostly it’s love… the feel of the wind in our hair as we freewheel down a country lane, the adrenaline rush that comes from completing another 5k. How George Hincapie looks in lycra, and wearing our brilliant, bright red, Big Crocodile Cycling Croc t.shirt. The hate part only really relates to the chafing but there was also the fateful day that young Pam was given a girly bike with a basket rather than a bmx… and it’s fair to say that she wasn’t keen.

Talking of Cycling Croc, one of the reasons we feel the need to ‘big up’ biking is that we’re just about to get a stash of new sports friendly Cycling Croc t.shirts and baseball tops - and quite frankly we’re very excited and keen to find them new owners.

The awesome growth of cycling in the UK (which peaks every time a Brit wins a cycling medal) is still ‘a thing’ and no wonder.

An eco friendly transport solution, a great way to burn calories, a fabulous family activity and a challenging sport, getting on your bike is more attractive than ever. Whether your bike model of choice is state-of-the-art and carbon fibre, a bmx with all the mods, a static cycle in a weekly spin class or a sit-up style classic, if we see you out and about in the saddle (particularly if you’re wearing a Cycling Croc printed t.shirt), we’ll high five you cheerily (whilst trying not to wobble off the road.)

If you’ve not ridden a bike since school then there are some great bicycle-related facts that could persuade you to get back in the saddle.

Like the fact that Mindlab recently conducted a real scientific study which proved that cyclists have a unique blend of “intelligent generosity” and the “cool” factor. Officially.

Cycling is 3 times faster than walking - fact.

In their first year of switching to cycling to get into work and back, the average person will lose 13lbs - yes, 13lbs! Aerobic exercise such as cycling boosts creative thinking and feelings of wellbeing too. All good reasons to cycle. Add to that the fact that a cyclist uses one fiftieth of the oxygen which a car uses to make the same journey… and becoming a biker is a no brainer.

In the UK 14% of us cycle at least once a week.

Not bad, but in the Netherlands 27% of all journeys are made by bicycle (admittedly partly because of the lack of hills). There are around 1 billion bikes in the world and 400 million of them are in China (if Katie Melua sings it - it must be true). In the UK on average, one bike is stolen every 90 seconds so a hefty padlock and a suspicious nature are vital accessories if you’re planning to invest in a new bicycle.

Here are some other excellent cycling related facts, perfect for squirrelling away for the next pub quiz:

The longest tandem bicycle ever (ever, ever) had 35 seats and was 67 feet long. The largest rideable bike’s wheels were 3.3m in diameter and the most expensive bike was Damien Hirst’s ‘Butterfly Bike’ which fetched an eye watering $500,000 at auction. That’ll be 3 points for ‘Quiz Team Aguilera’ and a meat hamper prize for sure.

If the lighter mornings, and early indicators of Spring are inspiring you to get a little bit more sporty and active then incorporating a bit of biking into your day could be well worth thinking about.

There are loads of great cycling clubs all around the country. One of the handiest club finders is here: and you can find advice and like-minded people (both lycra clad and otherwise). You can also take part in rides, races and time trials (if that’s what floats your boat).

Cycling Croc is one of the original Big Crocodile clothing prints and he’s one of our favourites. 

Our Cycling Croc t.shirt is available in bright red, green or soft white marl and the baseball top is an eye-catching red and white combo. We've even got a snazzy ladies' vest in a gorgeous purple. Perfect if you love cycling, if you need a little push to get you into the biking mood, or you need something comfy to wear whilst you watch the Tour de France on the telly. Combine with a pair of Big Croc Leggings or joggers too if you like.

One point to note if you are a keen cyclist and are sometimes prone to getting a little bit too competitive. There is still in existence, an ancient and little used law which prohibits ‘furious cycling’. In 1882, a gentleman ‘of a most respected’ address was fined for ‘riding through London at a furious pace’… so best to opt for a more laid back cycling style in heavily populated areas.

If you’d like to bag yourself one of our brilliant Big Crocodile Cycling Croc T.shirts or baseball tops, head to our shop.


One more thing... If you’d like to find out more about getting into cycling in a big way, head over here: Now where did we leave those cycling clips?…

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