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August 28, 2018 2 min read

We have all been there.... the moment when your coach or trainer says ‘have you been remembering to stretch?’ In that second we feel like we are back at school, and forgot to do our homework…. Then we try and think of a believable excuse instead of ‘I didn’t have time’. 

It’s the unglamorous side of exercise and nobody sounds cool when they say they have been doing it. So to counteract this, yoga is becoming more on-trend, along with stretch classes and various online classes / apps to help you stretch. 

We all know we should stretch, but do you know why? Once you know the benefits you might not forget to do your homework again. 

  • Improved recovery
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced injury risk
  • Improved posture

These are just a few benefits from this ‘unglamorous side of exercise’ and these might be exact things you desperately need to help improve your athletic performance. Maybe it is time to start scheduling those homework sessions to support your training goals?

The benefits of stretching don’t stop at the physical side. Mental benefits can also come from stretching, for example, patience (you’ll know this one if you have ever tried to touch your toes and thought ‘well that’s impossible’ then weeks to months later you can touch your toes!).

Here are five of my favourite stretches to start you on your journey to bringing stretchy back to your workout routine:

  • Down dog
    Start on all fours, then lift hips up and back to create an upside down V shape.
    Keep elbows and knees soft and engage the tummy muscles.

  • Child’s pose
    From all fours, drop the bottom back and down to the heels. Knees are close or wide depending on what feels comfortable. Let the chest drop down towards the floor

  • Pigeon
    On all fours, slide one knee forward between your hands, rest thigh of that leg on the floor. Then stretch the back leg away from you and square hips to the floor. Lower the upper body to the floor if feels comfortable

  • Cow
    From seated, cross legs over one another, try get the knees stacked on-top of each other. Then reach one arm behind your back, one hand towards the sky then bend at the elbow and try and get both hands to meet behind you. You can use a small towel or band to help you gradually get hands to meet.

  • Cat
    When on all fours, start in a natural position for your spine. Then as you breathe out, arch spine towards the ceiling, look towards your thighs and enjoy the stretch

Big Crocodile sports yoga stretches
If you have some favourites of your own, why not drop us a line and tell us about them… or better still - send us a selfie.

Big Crocodile loves a good stretching session and can be spotted on our sportswear getting his down dog on (or should we call it down croc?). He’s on our fantastic Yoga Croc vests and T.shirts too so it might be worth investing so you have the correct, inspirational PE kit (it’s all carefully cut to move about in).

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