July 17, 2017 4 min read

At Big Crocodile, our objective has always been to create a range of hardwearing, sports friendly, body flattering leisurewear which is bursting with our trademark Big Crocodile character.

Once we’d got the tee-shirts ticked off the list (the brilliant tri-blend fabric and quirky prints are a winner), we began to focus our attention a little lower down. Legs, bums, thighs and calves have all been carefully considered by the Big Crocodile garment development team (namely Pam) and hours have been spent collecting data, feedback and trouser-related thoughts from Big Crocodile customers, friends, family and random people from gyms. 

We’ve asked professional sportspeople, Crossfit icons, yoga gurus, fun-runners and coach potatoes their opinions and that’s meant we’re now thoroughly well versed in the language of legs. We’ve used this expertise to create a pretty excellent collection of shorts, jogging bottoms and leggings and now we’d like to bang on about them, just a bit - if you don’t mind.


Hot off the press - Big Crocodile Double Layer Shorts

Whether you’re looking for a way to show off your shapely, bronzed pins in your exercise class, you want to keep cool in a hot yoga session or you just want a truly practical solution for fuss free bum coverage whilst you’re lifting, squatting and straddling in the gym - our new double layer shorts are nothing short of genius. Cut to the perfect length, these double layer shorts are super supportive (it’s all about the booty, after all) and VLP busting. Robustly made (like all of our clothing), there’s no chance of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction whilst you’re working out wearing them and there’s a choice of great colours, with more combos on the way.

Order your double layer shorts now. 


Currently flying - Big Crocodile Longline Shorts 

Mainly aimed at the boys but popular with the ladies too, our carefully honed men’s longline shorts are worthy of winners. With a little influence from ‘Rocky’ and a lot of input from the boys at Crossfit Iron Duke, these light and breezy, stretchy, squat proof shorts let it all hang out (if you’re that way inclined) but stay put securely whether you’re heading out for a run, jumping round the boxing ring, bouncing on the basketball court, or pumping iron. The branding is gold (yes, G.O.L.D)  and quite frankly that in itself should convince you of the level of fabulousness these shorts truly attain. 

Go get ‘em. Longline shorts are here.



Can I get a Woop woop - Big Crocodile Sports Leggings 

Once you’ve tried our sports leggings, you’ll never look back. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in red, you like a little nautical navy or want to keep it neutral in black or grey, our super comfy leggings are not only perfect for a multitude of purposes, they’re also ultra flattering - so they get a big tick in the style stakes. We’re supremely chuffed with all the great feedback we’ve had about these leggings. According to you lot, they’re as perfect for the peacock pose as they are for pumping iron. The ideal leggings for the gym, the yoga studio or for wearing whilst you’re pounding the streets on an evening run with only your iPod for company. 

Check out our leggings reviews here if you don’t believe the hype. Then buy a pair for yourself. 


Throughly covetable - Big Crocodile Cropped Leggings

If you’re sporting a pair of well-toned calves (or at least that’s what you’re aiming for) then our 3/4 length leggings could be right up your street. A little bit breezier than our classic full length leggings, you get to choose between fiesty hot pink or super sleek black. Super stretchy and super comfy, the only drawback is that they’re proving to be rather popular and stock can run a little low. Best to drop us a line if you’d like some and we’ll rush you a pair as soon as we possibly can (or at least let you know when the next batch is due).

See which 3/4 length leggings are available now here.



Frankly awesome - Big Crocodile Joggers

It’s all in the detail when it comes to our jogging bottoms. Cut in a tapered style, they have zipped cuffs which make them a more flattering fit and also means they don’t get stuck round your ankles and trip you over if you’re whisking them off over your trainers mid comp. We’ve used a cotton mix fabric which is light and stretchy for our sweat pants too, because it means there’s no danger of you suffering ’baggy bottom syndrome’. Big Crocodile joggers are brilliant for working out in but they also make great weekend wear  or loungewear. Definitively unisex, these tracksuit bottoms look just as good on the boys as the girls (If yours keep going missing, better ask your other half).

Grab a pair of our brilliant jogging bottoms here.

When it comes to top quality, gym friendly leisurewear, we like to think we’re well on track.

We’ve certainly got your legs covered (or not) so whether you’re a gym bunny, workout warrior or you just like to get into your comfies when you get home from the office, you’d better make Big Crocodile clothing your top spot for bottoms.

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