July 02, 2018 3 min read

Having recently worked on a brilliantly bold t.shirt collaboration with ‘Raising the Bar’ (a brilliant Europe-wide fitness comp for Master athletes aged 40 and over), we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on this awesome age-group.

Big Crocodile collaborative t.shirts

At Big Crocodile, we’re all in agreement that being a little bit older than we once were is mainly pretty brilliant.

We’re skilled enough to rustle up an awesome full English, wise enough to know that a pre-workout stretch really is the sensible thing and we know that good food, fresh air and fun should be regular staples if we want to keep smiles on our faces. We know that having a little more lycra in our leggings is definitely preferable and that big nights out should not be followed by crack-of-dawn starts.

We’ve also learnt that as we loiter around 40, our bodies can still do amazing things - long runs, heavy lifting, advanced yogic stretches and dad dancing included -  and despite our skin being just that little less taught, we can feel awesome a lot of the time.

Big Crocodile master

Getting a little older does not mean getting less active - in fact it’s quite the opposite.

In many sports, a few more years on the circuit are often a huge benefit. Strength training is typical - we all remember watching ‘The World’s Strongest man’ over tea on a Sunday and thinking that those powerful guys were not spring chickens. Since we’ve been involved with the world of CrossFit, we’ve been totally wowed by the lengths the CrossFit Master athletes will go to - and by their incredible results. Big Crocodile favourites Kelly Friel and Anne Marie Botha are both relative latecomers to strength training and are now smashing it at Masters level.

Big Crocodile Kelly Friel

Aside from CrossFit, the seniors tennis matches at Wimbledon are scooping huge interest (and not just because they're full of so many familiar, fabulous faces). The last Olympics saw Team GBs John Whittaker aged 62 horseback riding, 41 year old Oksana Chusovitina’s amazing gymnastics, and many more forty-somethings-and-more reaching medal-winning levels. Our current favourite senior super athlete is 86 year old American, Lew Hollander, who is still wowing at Ironman. Now that's what we call inspirational.

At Big Crocodile, our ethos has always been to make sports clothing and activewear which works hard and flatters, whatever your size, shape or age.

Our t.shirts are generously cut and waft across the tum, our sports leggings have lots of lycra so your booty won’t bobble about, our sports shorts have adjustable waists to suit all girths and we have a selection of styles for ladies which means there are always plenty of options to choose from.

We’ve got Big Crocodile prints featuring a huge selection of sports too so if you’re a MAMIL looking for a new look, a Master CrossFitter wanting to flex those pecs, a senior swimmer needing leisure clothing for early morning meets or a wise yogi, needing something om-my-gosh-I-love-your-top for your weekly sun salutation, if you opt for Big Crocodile Clothing, you can be sure of great quality, a generous cut and bags of Big Crocodile character. 

One of the other brilliant things about being a little bit older is that we’re just that little bit more comfortable in our own skins.

We’ve battled with awkward adolescences, survived sedentary desk jobs, given birth, recovered from injury  - and made it through to middle age (which we’re now officially calling ‘Masterhood’!) No mid life crisis’ for us - we’re opting for exercise over silicone, fun over fast cars and Big Crocodile over leopard print (for the gym anyway). 

If you'd like to collaborate on a t.shirt print (like we did with 'Raising the Bar') or you'd like t.shirts or sportswear for your sports class or club, why not get in touch?

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