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November 09, 2018 4 min read

There’s nothing like a great pair of leggings to lunge in, lounge about in or leg it to the shops in. 

At Big Crocodile we’ve spent a long time researching, developing and racking our brains as to what exactly makes a great pair leggings and we’ve learnt a lot about the stretchy, comfy, hardworking trews which to many (including us) are a veritable wardrobe staple.

When Big Crocodile’s Pam decided to venture into the realms of more than just t.shirts, bottoms were high on the agenda. Creating the perfect pair of joggers was fairly straight forward and developing some sensational shorts was a smooth ride. Leggings however proved more of a challenge and the more people Pam asked about what they really looked for in the ideal pair of leggings, the more complex the challenge became.


Big Crocodile leggings mark 1


As far as consumer research was concerned, it soon transpired that the leggings Big Crocodile really needed were ‘not too thick’, ‘not too thin’, ‘nice and long’, ‘not too long’, ’nice and stretchy’, ’never baggy around the knees’, ‘up for a serious workout’, ‘thoroughly breathable’, ‘easily washable’, ‘a fabulous colour’ ‘with never a hint of ‘cankle’… or ‘camel toe’ and ‘able to make your bum look like ‘a fabulous peach’, whatever its size. No pressure then.


Big Crocodile sports leggings

Developing the perfect pair of leggings for Big Crocodile involved lots of trials, tweaks and tribulations.

Keen members of the Big Crocodile Community enthusiastically squatted, sprinted and struck a variety of challenging yoga poses in them to ensure our leggings didn’t budge, bag, sag or chafe.

Our mark 1 leggings ticked all the boxes and were mostly snapped up straight off the production line. Available in sophisticated grey and navy, with our distinctive bold Big Croc logo in white, we loved seeing them pop up in gyms and at classes all over the place - and the feedback was great.


Big Crocodile leisure leggings


When it came to producing more of these lovely leggings (and getting a great price for our customers) we had to transfer production to a new supplier. Plenty of prototypes later our first batch of awesome new Big Crocodile leggings arrived at Big Crocodile HQ to much delight (and some celebratory Cava) and they’ve been flying out of the door ever since. 

Our leisure leggings are available in striking deep red, khaki green or navy, with a choice of either a large gold Big Crocodile logo print down the leg (if bling’s your thing) or a slightly more subtle gold square logo on the ankle.  They still meet the stipulations from our wish list… fabulous fabric, top quality construction and finishing, robust enough for an intense training session and stylish enough to wear pretty much anywhere.


Now we consider ourselves to be leggings experts.

If we were to appear on Mastermind, they’d be our specialist subject (that or ’Films starring Will Ferrell’) - go on…ask us anything. We’ve got a whole host of useless facts floating around our heads about lycra (invented in 1958 by Jospeph Shivers) and legs (the longest pair ever belong to Ekaterina Lisina and they’re a whopping 132.8cm). We also know (almost) everything there is to know about the history of leggings and their various guises so here is a brief summary (just in case you have five minutes to spare):

The Big Crocodile history of leggings part 1

The earliest forms of leggings were being strutted about in during the 14th Century (mostly by men) when bejewelled velvet and poetry readings were all the rage. Robin Hood was the 15th Century poster boy for leggings. Often a bit baggy around the knees in those days and only any good in green.

Audrey Hepburn epitomised chic when she appeared in the movie ‘Funny Face’ in the 1950s wearing tight black trousers (practically leggings, ok?) and a slim cut black top.. a look that’s been replicated by millions of women (us included) all trying our best to look similarly stylish every decade since.

Adam West rocked leggings in a whole new way on the set of Batman in the 1960s. The caped crusader was still considered a serious threat to the baddies of Gotham city, even though his pants were on the outside - the mark of a true comic book superhero.

The seventies music scene showcased all sorts of legging-wearing stars. From Freddy Mercury in his Harlequin pair to Rod Stewart in black lycra, wowing on stage was much more likely if your trousers were seriously snug.

A History of leggings from Big Crocodile

In the movie Grease, Sandra Dee started out as a fan of frilly skirts and granny chic cardis but it wasn’t until she slipped into a pair of skin tight satin leggings and teamed it with a boob tube that everyone really started to take notice.

In the eighties, Queen of rock, Cher loved teaming leggings with leather and an awful lot of hairspray. Queen of pop Madonna preferred three quarter length lace leggings… and an awful lot of hairspray.

When it came to exercise and fitness, aerobics a la Jane Fonda brought brightly coloured leggings to the fore. Perfect for stepping, squatting and combining with a jazzy leotard, a walkman and leg warmers. Even if you didn’t break into a sweat - you certainly looked the part.

On the sports field, footballers John Barnes and Ryan Giggs and track stars like Usein Bolt love a legging. John Barnes wore them to keep warm, Usein Bolt wears them to make a style statement but either way they prove that leggings are definitely not just for the ladies.

A History of leggings part 3

Fast forward to the 2000s and wild and crazy printed leggings are everywhere. With see through panels, funky patterns and day glo fabrics, they’re just as likely to appear on a festival stage as they are at a full-throttle spin class.

Leggings have been around a long time and they’re here to stay.

That’s why the Big Crocodile team has worked so hard to make sure our leggings are brilliant. We love receiving pics of you guys rocking your Big Croc leggings - and we love it when you tell us what you really think. So far we’ve had loads of positive feedback so all the legging related work has been worth it. 

So if you’re looking for the perfect sports friendly leggings. Leggings which don’t bag, sag or go out of shape - and which make your bum look frankly fabulous - head over here and buy some of ours.

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