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At Big Crocodile, we love to see a new sport sweep the nation and we’re always keen to get our kits on and get involved. 

Big Crocodile Paddleboard Tribal Clash

Paddleboarding is one of the sporting activities that we tried out at Tribal Clash and last Summer, Pam’s other half Geff and some of his friends took advantage of the post-heatwave warm seas and spent the day enjoying what is proving to be a seriously fun, hard core (and hard-on-the-core) workout trend. We’re looking forward to getting stuck in again now Spring is here and you can tell how excited we are because we’ve designed an awesome new Big Crocodile print - Paddleboarding Croc!. Wearing our t.shirt may not make you any less likely to fall off your board - but at least you’ll look good whilst you’re splashing about in the shallows.

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Stand-up-paddleboarding (more snappily termed SUP) is the world’s fastest growing watersport.

The Paddleboarding concept dates back to ancient times when tribal fishermen in Africa and South America headed out in canoes and rafts, but SUP in its modern guise was officially invented in Hawaii in the 1950s when surf teachers on Waikiki beach stood on their boards and steered with paddles as they instructed their surf newbies. Theoretically very relaxing (once you’ve mastered it) the idea is that you glide through the water, negotiate the odd small wave and relaaaaaax. Once you get really good you can fish for your lunch and practice your yoga moves at the same time (yes, really).

Big Crocodile Paddleboard blog

A combination of paddling and surfing, SUP simply requires a board and a paddle (and a wetsuit if you’re not a fan of goosebumps).

The techniques are pretty straight forward and you just need to find a lake, river or not-too-wavy beach… and get going! It’s a brilliant core workout, great if you’re aiming to improve your balance and a wonderful way to get out into the great outdoors and back in touch with Mother Nature. If you’re a surfer, windsurfer or wakeboarder, SUP is the perfect alternative for days where the weather isn’t quite working for you too.

As Pam’s Jeff is the kind of chap who likes to share the knowledge, he’s come up with a list of some handy tips for starting out in SUP. Bear these in mind when you head out on your board for the first time and you’ll smash it (not literally) or at least be a little bit less likely to wobble manically and then wipe out…

Big Crocodile Clothing paddle boarding

#1 Don’t forget to attach yourself to your board.

Using the paddle board leash is really important, both to stop you losing your board (particularly important if you’re very tired or having difficulties) and to stop your board bobbing about and bashing anyone else.

#2 Get the board the right way round.

Different level boards can look very different so it can be tricky to be sure which end is the front. If you’re not convinced, check you’ve got the fins at the back. 

#3 Work out which way to use your paddle.

Sounds obvious but it’s easy to use your paddle the wrong way. It’s not a scoop, it’s a blade. 

#4 Look up for less wobble.

As with many other sports (cycling, surfing, skating… you name it) it pays to keep your head up and your sights high whilst you’re on your paddle board. Much less chance of losing your balance that way.

#5 Work your core.

It’s easy to let your arms do all the work when you’re on the SUP but it’s your core that should be taking the strain, otherwise you’ll just get worn out and won’t be going anywhere fast.

#6 Watch out for other people

When you’re focussed on getting to grips with your SUP it’s easy to lose track of what everyone else is up to. Avoid collisions (and law suits) by keeping your eye on what’s going on around you.

#7 Perfect your falling-off technique

Although falling off is pretty much unavoidable, if you fall away from your board rather than onto it you’re much less likely to end up with bruises, a trip to A&E or a battered ego.


SUP tee shirts from Big Crocodile


There are plenty of brilliant Paddleboarding clubs and organisations popping up all over the place if you’re interested in learning this super up-and-coming sport.

We think and are good places to start if you’re a beginner and you live down South.

If you’re already a keen SUP’er we’d love to see some photos of you in action (especially if you’re wearing one of our Paddleboarding Croc printed t.shirts to do it). Whether you’re just starting out on your paddling journey or you can stand on your head already, we’ll be highly impressed and might even pop your pic onto our hallowed community wall… #rockthecroc

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