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It’s true to say that at Big Crocodile we consider the humble hoodie to be one of the greatest garments ever...

Versatile enough to be worn for a ton of different sporting activities, for snuggling up on the sofa or for strutting about in a stylishly student-esque kind of way, the hooded sweatshirt is a definite wardrobe staple.
First born in the US in the 1930s, the hooded sweatshirt was originally aimed at hardworking labourers braving freezing temperatures, but 40 years later in the super-hip Seventies it truly took a step up, into the world of fashion (daaahling). Stallone rocked his hoodie, Streetwear became a ‘thing’ and despite less than positive associations with gangs, chavs and David Cameron, the hoodie has held strong in the style stakes.  It’s become a clothing item that bridges every age gap, is worn by a multitude of on-trend tribes and keeps everyone from students to senior citizens, snowboarders to superstars looking hip and feeling cosy. If you need something practical and warm for wearing at altitude or are after an uber streetwise style statement, the hoodie definitely warrants a high five.


Big Crocodile hoodies for men

Men’s style bible, GQ says that in order for a man’s hoodie to to look good, they recommend opting for a generous sized, quality sweatshirt that won’t ride up unflatteringly round your middle. Also 'don’t be tempted to buy too big, or you may get swamped'. They say too that ‘a stylish hooded top under a leather jacket or bomber is a hardworking sartorial gem’. We’re not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds good so we’re going along with it.

When it comes to hooded sports tops for ladies, we think that avoiding a saggy front pocket is a good call...

As is buying a nicely fitting, flattering hoodie that makes you feel happy. We also firmly believe that borrowing hoodies (and tops, jeans and socks) from your boyfriend/husband partner is fair game (though if we’re talking about a Big Crocodile hoodie here, it may be more the case of agreeing a long term loan).

Despite some people thinking wrongly that buying a hooded sweatshirt is surplus to requirements unless you’re considering taking part in a hold up, there are lots of added benefits to the wearing of hooded tops which you wouldn’t necessarily think of immediately. For sure they’re great when it’s rainy or cold but a hooded sweatshirt is also the ideal garb if you’re having a moment when you’d rather people didn’t speak to you, if your hair looks terrible, you have an unattractive spot or if you didn’t have time to put any makeup on. If you spot an ex and would like to stay incognito, they’re perfect too.

So what is it that makes a really good hooded sweatshirt?

Soft and cosy fabric that doesn’t shrink, a great colour, a hood that actually fits over your head, nice long sleeves and a general feel of being snuggled up in a big, warm, happiness inducing hug. Simple.

There are lots of added extras that make a good hoodie even more special too. Shapely front pouch pockets (never saggy), some kind of headphone/music facility, loops to hook your thumbs into when you want to avoid cold wrists and sensibly sized drawstrings that won’t slide out of your hood, fray or get all knotted up. A good helping of big, bold branding doesn't hurt either.

At Big Crocodile, as makers of sports clothing and leisure wear to suit all sorts, it's our duty to provide a hoodie that’s up there with the best of them...

Our luxury fleece lined premium zip up hoodie is a funky, chunky unisex hooded top with a roomy hood, available in a really wearable range of colours. 

Our zip-through hoodie not only has deep pockets, but it also has mini pockets inside the big ones for your precious stuff (house key, change to buy milk, gym pass, pet mouse). We’ve incorporated an eyelet to thread your headphones through so music on the move is tangle free and as with all of our Big Crocodile clothing, washing this hoodie is a breeze.

If you’re not a fan of hoodies of the zipped variety - no problem. We also have a brilliantly luxurious pull-over hoodie with all the benefits of the Big Crocodile zip-up one, just without the risk of accidentally getting your chest hair caught up.*

Despite our hoodies being fairly new additions to the Big Crocodile range, we’ve already had some great feedback. See for yourself what our happy customers have to say about our hooded sweatshirts for men and women here, and maybe you might fancy trying one too.

*There is very little chance of this happening, we just couldn’t think of any other negative, zip related points.


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