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September 18, 2017 4 min read

Ooooh - anyone else felt a nip in the air? The nights are drawing in and those balmy t-shirt weather days are getting fewer and further between. Although once we’re faced with the full force of the British winter (and the wind, hail, fog and sleet that comes with it) we might miss the sunshine, we can’t help getting a little bit excited about the fact that the change in seasons means we’re heading for winter woolly time - woop! 

The time for jumpers, hoodies, snuggling up on Sundays with a big hot chocolate and a blanket - and best of all an opportunity to wear our Big Crocodile knitted hats - yippeee.

You may or may not know that Pam, the founder of Big Crocodile clothing is nutty about knitting. In fact, Big Crocodile’s roots are firmly planted in the world of wool because it was the handcrafted hats which really kicked things off for the brand. Pam initially knitted bobble hats for babies, but once the grown ups began to see how super snuggly and fabulously funky they were - they wanted to be in on the act too. So Pam started to build up a range different hat designs. She came up with a hat to suit skater-boy types, a characterful crosshatch hat, something seriously stripy, a hat with a peak and even a wonderful hand knitted hat with a mohawk. (That one’s perfect if you’re wild at heart.)

Big Crocodile hats are all knitted from great quality, richly dyed Merino wool - and the fabulous range of gorgeous colours available means you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

In fact, because all Big Crocodile hats are made to order by Pam, you can come up with  a completely bespoke colour combination for your hat that suits your style down-to-the-ground - and your wish will be Pam’s command. We have a portfolio of hats which have been designed by different customers (and friends) and which have turned out to be thoroughly fabulous too, so why not have a look through those for some inspiration, or order one of the Merino wool beauties for yourself. You can even channel Pam and pick the classic, super chic ‘Pammie’ hat - perfect for taming turbulent curls first thing in the morning.

Whilst we’re on the subject of the marvellous material with which Pam knits our hats, you might like to know that Merino wool is officially the softest sheep’s wool available and that’s because the fibres are very fine. It’s also comparatively very elastic which means your Big Crocodile Hat is less likely to lose its shape than hats of the non-Merino variety.  We only use Merino from wool from non museled** sheep too. A couple of other random sheep related facts for fact-fans (we know you’re out there)… The fastest ever sheep shear was just 39 seconds and the record was set in Ireland by the same chap who holds the ‘most sheep sheared in 8 hours record’ (it’s 744) .  Also, did you know that it’s been discovered by scientists that sheep can recognise up to 50 other sheep faces… Not sure if they’re any good at remembering their names though.

So, unless you’re nutty about knitting too and feel the urge to knit your own* now’s the time to get your hat orders in… and it’s probably best not to hang around. A Big Crocodile hat means you can keep your head warm whilst you’re out for a run, avoid a post workout head chill and stay cosy (whilst looking awesome) as you pop to the shops. Pick your style, choose your favourite colour combo (or make up your own), give Pam some time to get her stitch on, and then you can #rock the croc in your snazzy new headgear. Opt for a co-ordinating Big Crocodile wool scarf if you like too.

Our hand knitted hats look the business worn with our Big Crocodile hoodies and joggers.

They’re also ideal if you’re going to a busy event and you need to be spotted by your friends from a distance. They make excellent gifts too and with Christmas just around the corner you could tick off a whole section of your Christmas Gift list by ordering up a few of our tailor-made hats for friends or family. Every Big Crocodile hat comes in its own snazzy drawstring bag and you can choose which tag design you'd like to add the final finishing touch.

To see the full Big Crocodile hat collection, just pop over here. PS. Don’t forget to send us a selfie!

*If you would like to knit your own Big Crocodile hat - pop over to . You’ll find some of our favourite patterns available and plenty of other knitting natter.

**You can Google this is you like to be in the know about animal welfare but we think it’s kinder this way.

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