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March 15, 2017 4 min read

Fantastically, Big Crocodile clothing is now popping up in gyms and exercise classes all over the place.

Big Crocodile has been spotted in a myriad of locations including climbing walls, black runs and sofas worldwide - and we’ve got the selfies to prove it. We thought it might be a good moment to recap his rise so far and to give a big thumbs up to all the top dudes who’ve given us a bit of a boost along the way.

The Big Crocodile brand has had a few different guises in its time, as founder Pam has embraced change and opportunity as she’s gone along.

Pam is a brilliant knitter with a particular penchant for tactile fabrics and when she started a small, family run business making artisan knitted photography props, she was in need of a brand and Big Crocodile was the natural choice. The Big Crocodile character was originally conjured up by Pam’s daughter Maddi. He was her awesome imaginary friend - he wore roller skates, he was strong, sports loving and he encouraged Maddi to be bold and mischievous. As she grew up, she no longer relied on him but the family didn’t want him to be forgotten so he became the face and the name of the business.

Between knitting blankets and sourcing quirky accessories for her photography clients, Pam knitted a friend a funky winter hat and this sparked a flurry of requests for her brilliant bobble hats, scarves and mittens - and a new phase for Big Crocodile who was featured on every hat label, doing the different activities he loves. Big Crocodile really began to get around - and people seemed to love his look - and his moves.  

Big Crocodile is expertly drawn by a super-talented illustrator friend of Pam’s.

To date she’s drawn him rocking out on the drums, skateboarding and skiing, lifting weights, playing tennis, doing yoga and lots more. As people began to comment on how much they liked him, Pam began to think that Big Crocodile could take on a more starring role as a T-shirt print - so she tried a few out with a UK based printer, using lovely quality fabric tees in a range of wonderful, wearable colours.

As well as being a natty knitter, Pam is also a bit of a fitness fan. Heading to the gym for a crossfit session is high up on her list of top ways to tone up and chill out - not to mention the fact that her local gym, Crossfit Iron Duke, has proved to be a pretty sociable place and a great source of trustworthy friends whom she’s run her designs past (and recruited as models) on a regular basis.

As a sporty type, but also a real person, Pam understands that not everybody wants to head to the gym in skintight, day-glo, shiny lycra (though it’s great if you can pull that off). She’s made it her mission to develop a range of leisure wear which is made from skin friendly, breathable fabrics in cuts which are flattering for anyone lucky enough to be super muscular but which also look great on those of us with less honed physiques.

Big Crocodile sportswear has gradually grown from a compact collection of weight-lifter croc tee-shirts and vests to a full range of leisure clothing.



It includes T.shirts, vests, sweatshirts, hoodies and leggings, featuring Big Crocodile running, boxing, skateboarding, swimming, cycling and more. Basically now there’s a Big Crocodile garment to suit pretty much everyone’s favourite sport or leisure activity and we’re pretty pleased with how they’re being received.

Of late, we’ve started hosting Big Crocodile parties (think tupperware, but more fun and more useful) which can be arranged at your house, your gym or your workplace. A good opportunity to try on some of our Big Crocodile sportswear clothing, feel the fabric quality, order some great gear and often get a bargain to boot. Combine that with a get-together with friends and a few snacks - happy days.

As well as growing the Big Crocodile sports clothing range massively, we’ve grown our wonderful Big Crocodile Community too.

Currently at nearly 500 Facebook followers and 700 Instagram followers, we’re so grateful to all our Big Crocodile friends for letting us know what they’re up to, for posting fabulous selfies and for taking the time to review our products so positively. We salute you.

With plans in place to streamline the range, launch cropped leggings and add some more lovely colours to the Big Crocodile collection, it’s all happening. We’re making our website more user friendly too so it’s a hassle free shopping experience all round. Let us know if you’ve got any other ideas or feedback please too - we’re always listening.

Fancy ordering yourself a snazzy new t.shirt or hoodie? Pop to our shop. Want to join the Big Croc Community? Nip over here.

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