Blackfire Classic Cushion Sports Socks by Lithe

At Big Crocodile, we love a little bit of red and black. These snazzy Lithe sports socks certainly hit the spot on style but they’re also seriously high-tech when it comes to performance. As well as Lithe’s unique ‘seamless feel’ toe and ‘y’ shaped heel, these Blackfire Sports socks feature a reinforced, cushioned sole for a seriously comfortable workout. The integrated arch support means reduced foot fatigue too - exactly the kind of sports friendly benefit that Big Crocodile champions.

These funky sports socks are well worth looking after so wash them inside out and don’t bleach or iron (as if). Hang them on the line to dry (which takes no time at all).

If you’re splashing out on a full Big Crocodile Sportswear ensemble, or you just want something to add a bit of colour to your gym kit - we think these Blackfire sports socks are a must.  Oh and don’t forget to send us a ’Sock Selfie’ too.


Small - UK 3 - 5.5 (US 3 - 6 / EUR 35 - 38      Medium UK 6 - 8 (US 6.5 - 8.5 / EUR 39 - 42)     Large UK 9 - 11 (US 9 - 12 /EUR 43 - 46)



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