Bali Classic Cushion Sports Socks by Lithe

These brilliant Bali sports socks by Lithe make us feel like we’ve dipped our tired toes into a turquoise blue pool. Technologically engineered for maximum moisture release and featuring Lithe’s signature seamless design, these socks for sport need to be worn to be believed. What’s more they’re bursting with the kind of quirky character that Big Crocodile loves. Add a bolt of blue to your gym ensemble, flash a splash of colour at the bottom of your joggers or slip on a pair to keep your toes cosy and comfortable during a yoga cool-down. These Bali gym socks will soon become your feet’s best buddies.

Keep your Lithe sport socks in tip top condition by washing them inside out and hanging up to dry. Best not to bleach them or iron them either.

If you love your Lithe workout socks, we’d love it if you’d send us a selfie #rockthecroc (or should that be #rockthesock?!)

Available in Small (EUR 35-38) Medium (EUR 39-42) and Large (EUR 43-46).



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