#BICEPFRIDAY - Fundraiser - T Shirts

Bicep Friday started with Big Crocodile founder, Pam, and one of her friends sending a photo of their biceps to each other on Fridays as a way of checking in with each other. It was just a bit of fun and a nice gesture to remind each other they were there if either needed a chat. Bicep Friday then caught on at their gym and grew weekly with more and more members joining in. 

We decided to play #BICEPFRIDAY with the awesome Big Crocodile followers on Instagram and Facebook, which Pam was a bit nervous about thinking no one would play along. But they did, over 400 biceps were shared in a 3 week run of the game all tagging Big Croc and using the hashtag. We thank every single one as each tag and share helps us spread the word about Big Crocodile and grow this small business. 

Bicep Friday is absolutely not a bicep competition. You do not win for having the biggest biceps so do not take it too seriously. It's about having a bit of fun, proving that biceps (as with all other body parts) come in a vast array of wonderful shapes and sizes, colours and with glorious artwork. We love how creative people have become getting cool locations for their shots, including as many biceps as they can or creating weird and wonderful bicep statues. 

We giveaway prizes when we play and give every single one a shout out. You do not have to include your face in the picture and nor do you have to rocking Big Crocodile clothing to take part. It is open to everyone. 

We want to do some good with our little game and have released these #BICEPFRIDAY t shirts as part of the Big Crocodile range. 


Available in:

  • white marl t shirt with Big Croc flexing image
  • black tshirt with a neon pink bicep, #bicepfriday tagline and Big Crocodile sleeve print
  • mustard or light blue t shirt with #bicepfriday printed in black across the chest

We will donate £5 from the sale of every t shirt in the #BICEPFRIDAY range to Mind.

 Size (chest)

XS 34" S 36" M 38/40" L 40/42" XL 42/44" 2XL 44/46" 

Fabric - 50% Polyester, 25% Combed ringspun cotton, 25% Viscose, pre-shrunk