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Our Big Crocodile leggings were a long time in development but that’s why they’re now in high demand. They are the ultimate fit and feel which means they make the ideal sportswear solution for crossfit, running, yoga and gym. As you can see from our top customer reviews, our super comfy leggings don’t fall down or sag and there’s no danger of them showing too much when you’re mid squat either.

These Big Crocodile soft leggings are generous in length with a high waist and light compression throughout. Thick enough to stand up to a serious workout, out in the elements, but still cool and breathable when you’re building up a sweat.

Available in: Blue | Grey

Size recommendation:

XS 23/24"   S 25/26"   M 27/28"   L 30/32"

Our leggings co-ordinate beautifully with our cosy hooded Big Crocodile tops.
Due to high demand, we are fairly limited on stock of leggings but do drop us a line if you’d like us to add you to our leggings pre-order list if your preferred choice is not available.

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