BMX Croc Ladies Slim Fit T-Shirt

BMX Croc is a demon when it comes to BMX moves. Here he is doing a one-legged wheelie, fully kitted out in his BMX gear. This excellent ladies slim fit t.shirt is made from our signature tri-blend fabric and is cut in a flattering shape. It features a large BMX Croc back print and funky chest print.

Our BMX t.shirt is brilliant for wearing at the bike park but if your BMX days are a distant memory, this t.shirt is a great big, delicious dose of nostalgia. Like all of our leisure wear, this t.shirt is super low maintenance - just wash on a regular cycle (it’ll hang dry in no time).

Don’t forget to #rock the croc and send us a selfie….We’d love you to be part of the Big Crocodile Community.



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