Knitting Pattern - Viking style Helmet Novelty Hat

Before Big Crocodile grew into a bit of a monster Pam took requests for new designs of knitted hats. The viking helmet was a popular request that she created a pattern for. She no longer makes these hats to order as they simply take too long to make but if you have the skills or know someone else who ca knit you can use her pattern to make your own viking helmet. 

PDF download for the KNITTING PATTERN of Viking Style Helmet. 

Easy to follow step by step instructions will guide you to knit your own crosshatch hat just like us.

To make this cross hatch pom pom hat you will need

  • 1 pair 10mm straight knitting needles (long)
  • Set of 5 8mm double pointed needles (dpns) -for the horns
  • Super chunky soft wool: 

50g - Colour A - Slate Grey - Rim and earflaps.

100g - Colour B - Silver Grey - Main Hat.

25g - Colour C - Off White - Horns

  • Tapestry needle
  • Toy stuffing (you only need a small amount to stuff the horns)

This knitting pattern requires an Intermediate level of knitting skill including knitting in the round with dpns, following a herringbone pattern and lots of sewing up.

This is an original Copyrighted The Big Crocodile Hat Company Pattern


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