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The first Big Crocodile image we printed onto a t shirt was the weightlifter. He remains the most popular and is the most recognisable, he has become our main logo by default. But did you know that there are over 35 other sports inspired Big Crocodile prints that you can have printed onto a wide range of products. So if you are a bit of a golfer, handy on a motorbike or love a bit of downhill skiing there is a Big Croc image for you. There are even some very special editions. We love it when you spot a fellow #rockthecroc wearer and get so excited that you have to let us know :)

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The Big Crocodile Hat Company

Our handmade, at Big Croc HQ, hats are brilliant for blustery days, great for wearing all winter and handy if you’re working out and want to keep warm. They’ve been spotted on the slopes, at the skate park and out walking the dog and they are the best things ever for bad hair days. Big Crocodile hats come in a range of different patterns so you can choose from crosshatch or cable, spiral or striped, and the rainbow of available colours is nothing short of awesome.

The awesome thing is that you get to design your very own hat. Using our whizzy hat builder you can see what your colour choices would look like together and how a pom pom could finish it off - or even an elasticated hole for your pony tail to pop through. You can literally lose hours with the hat builder. If designing your own is a bit daunting we have an ever growing selection of hats designed by previous customers you can choose from.

Great for gifts and great for groups (if you’re outward bound, heading to a festival or going on a group ski trip, why not get everybody kitted out so you’ll never lose each other?) take a look at our hat collection and find #ahappyplaceforyourhead

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print services from Big Croc

We can print for you too

If you are looking to print your own branded clothing and accessories we can help. We can advise on the most suitable printing options for your design, budget and needs.

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Sell through Big Crocodile

Would you like to sell your own branded merch but do not want the big outlay of buying in lots of stock? Now you can offer your clients and members your garments and accessories through your own dedicated shop page on the Big Croc website like these guys do We take care of everything for you and you earn commission from each sale.

Contact us to see of you are eligible