T shirts

Big Crocodile t-shirts are great quality, cut to suit you perfectly and made from seriously soft tri-blend material. Whether you’re looking to #rockthecroc at the gym, when you’re out running or cycling, on a yoga mat or halfway up a climbing wall our increasingly popular Big Crocodile tee shirts are designed to move about in. Full of Big Crocodile character, you can choose your design to suit your sport, whether it’s weightlifting, hiking or playing tennis. Then just choose your favourite colour so you’re fully kitted out Big Croc style (don’t forget to send us a selfie).
Our T-shirts also make great leisurewear, loungewear or everydaywear – we’ve even got one for drumming! They layer up beautifully with our hoodies and sweatshirts to keep you cosy, but still let your body breathe when you’re working up a sweat. Big Croc T-shirts are easy care and so will stand up to regular washing and wearing and washing again. They generally don’t need ironing either – bonus.
Pick a Croc sport to suit, choose your favourite colour and then go out and #rockthecroc. Warm up, work out, cool down or lounge around – then send us a selfie.


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