Our Boxing Big Crocodile is definitely punching above his weight. A champ in more ways than one, here he is showing of his boxing gloves and baggy Big Crocodile shorts. 

If martial arts, kickboxing or boxing is your thing then this is definitely the Big Croc design for you. One of our favourites, it’s perfect for the gym, for Sunday loungewear, for wearing post-workout or for styling it out as you run up several flights of steps in the style of Rocky Balboa. Super versatile and super cool.

All of our t.shirts are made from our signature trii-blend fabric. Easy to wash, they layer up brilliantly with our Big Crocodile hoodies and sweatshirts and co-ordinate perfectly with our  sports joggers or leggings.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal combination, why not send us a selfie so we can see you #rockthecroc.


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