Pre Order New Style Sports Leggings

I have hunted high and low for replacements for the leggings I used to get since they went into administration. I have turned down about 10 samples but think I have finally found some that are great. They are made to the same pattern so high waisted, long leg, and thick fabric, although slightly different.

I need you guys to help me trial them and give me feedback on fit, feel, sizing, squat ability etc. They are offered to you at a reduced price knowing that they may not be perfect. 

I have trialled them and I think they are great. 

By ordering pre order you are helping me to purchase the minimum order quantity I need to get these into production. 

Unless they are faulty or complete rubbish (then you know I won't give them to you) I cannot provide refunds if they are not the best but will commit to continue looking for those. 

Sizing will be as follows

xs - size 6 - 8 

small - size 10 - 12

medium - size 12 - 14

large -  size 14 - 16 

xl - size 16 +

Please only purchase if you agree to this. Sorry its a bit formal and hope that you know I will always go that extra mile for my loyal customers. 

They should hopefully be with me in 2 weeks and then I will get them printed this time with the gold square small logo (a bit more subtle and blingy) so please expect to wait up to 4 weeks for delivery. 

Thank you x



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