Kids Beanies

Neon Yellow
Hot Pink

We all love a handmade ‘Big Crocodile Hat Company’ topper as they are so snuggly, warm and unique but on occasions all you need in your noggin is a light, thinner beanie for those days with a slight chill in the air. Or even to work out in - a hat that can be easily washed, dried and worn again. 

Due to popular demand we have added some children's size hats to the beanie range. Get your hands on one of our lightweight stretchy beanies in a range of fab colours. Each is finished with one of our signature leather Big Croc labels for a subtle bit of branding that doesn’t take over the whole hat. Choose your Big Crocodile image for the label from the drop down list.

The first shipment flew out the doors so these beanies are here to stay. 

 One size (Junior)