Weight-Vest Croc Keyring

At Big Crocodile, we all go a little bit misty-eyed and nostalgic about key rings. Founder Pam fondly remembers her teenage key ring collection… the mini Rubik’s Cube, Diet Coke can key-ring and the green fluffy-haired troll being particular favourites - so she’s always been keen to have a Big Crocodile key ring or two which can become part of other people’s collections. 

Here’s Big Crocodile, heading out for a run and fully kitted up in his weight vest. Our key rings are made from soft and brightly coloured rubber, finished with a sturdy metal loop. Big and bright enough for you to be able to spot your keys at a distance when you’re in a hurry but not so big that it’ll be too bulky in your back pocket. 

Size 7.5cm (3") x 6cm (2.5")

The ideal accessory for those all too easy to lose gym locker keys, why not snap one of our Big Crocodile key rings up and #ROCKTHECROC? Then you can send us a selfie of your key ring in action. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and we will enter you into our monthly giveaway.

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