Weightlifter Croc Keyring

At Big Crocodile, we all go a little bit misty-eyed and nostalgic about key rings. Founder Pam fondly remembers her teenage key ring collection… the mini Rubik’s Cube, Diet Coke can key-ring and the green fluffy-haired troll being particular favourites - so she’s always been keen to have a Big Crocodile key ring or two which can become part of other people’s collections. 

Here’s Big Crocodile, snatching his barbell. Our key rings are made from soft and brightly coloured rubber, finished with a sturdy metal loop. Big and bright enough for you to be able to spot your keys at a distance when you’re in a hurry but not so big that it’ll be too bulky in your back pocket. The ideal accessory for those all too easy to lose gym locker keys, why not snap one of our Big Crocodile key rings up and #rockthecroc? Then you can send us a selfie of your key ring in action ...and if you’ve got a whole keyring collection lurking in a dusty shoe box under your bed - we’d love to hear all about it.

Size 7.5cm (3") x 6cm (2.5")

We love to see your #rockthecroc images and now cant wait to see your keyrings in action too. 

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